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At the Wolfgroup we understand that the success of any architecture project—both fiscally and aesthetically—lies in the details. Our working method practices a simultaneous exploration of a project’s possibilities at all scales to ensure a marriage of the highest quality design and craftsmanship.

We serve real estate developers and institutional investors who choose to outsource development management, and organizations with only occasional construction needs. We guide projects from initial feasibility studies through land acquisition and entitlement; assist with the selection of architects, engineers and contractors; and manage the complete team of professionals needed to successfully execute the project.

The Wolf Group Architecture division provides design and construction expertise to our institutional clients through the repositioning of existing assets. This includes:

  • Developing the design direction for the renovation of existing shopping centers, hotels and multifamily properties.
  • Providing design guidance when our clients want to develop cost effective upgrades to existing assets as well as providing a fresh image and branding solution to a new start up retail concept.
  • Completing design and construction documents for extensive reconstruction of existing facilities designed by other architects that suffered significant damage due to water intrusion.
  • Designing the technical detailing necessary to repair buildings diagnosed with water intrusion.
  • Preparing detailed ADA evaluations of existing properties as well as providing peer reviews of other architects’ work to assure compliance with ADA laws in public facilities.

For years institutional investors and owners have relied on us to anticipate and correct deficiencies in both built and unbuilt works. We begin our architecture with a deeply technical knowledge of building processes and materials. From there, we employ the most cutting edge software and design tools to explore the widest range of possibilities within our client’s program and budget to ensure we deliver a solution that goes above and beyond expectations.

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